I had a little disc and database crash, so the site was not updated recently.

Well, WordPress was updated easily, but i had problems with Gallery2.

I need a multisite deployment of Gallery2. Although it is supported from the installer, some important steps are missing.

In order multisite Gallery2 to work, you will need to add some symlinks to every deployment of the Gallery2:

  • lib -> /usr/share/gallery2/lib/
  • The directory is providing some scripts amongst all, so without it you will lack some functionality, like enabling themes will not work.

  • modules -> /usr/share/gallery2/modules
  • themes -> /usr/share/gallery2/themes
  • The themes directory is providing CSS file, so without this your gallery will look “flat”.

Also, you can try to use “php_admin_flag safe_mode Off” in the Apache’s VirtualHost description, in the case PHP safe mode is turned on globally.

And yes, beware: do not ever mix web directory and data directory: the content of web directory is erased during install.

# date
Sat Jul 11 10:34:07 EEST 2009
# dpkg -l |egrep gallery2
ii gallery2 2.3-1 web-based photo album written in PHP

The fresh issue: after fresh install (Gallery… deb), no one is able to login. The solution is explained here – you should set $gallery->setConfig('baseUri', ''); in ‘config.php’.

Again, having both left hands, i was unable to start multisite version of Gallery2, using install scripts. What i had to change was:

  1. remove ‘lib/’
  2. symlink ‘lib/’ , ‘modules/’ , ‘themes/’ from ‘/usr/share/gallery2’ to site root
  3. symlink or copy and alter ‘images/’ from ‘/usr/share/gallery2’ to site root