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Quite interesting article on image processing. The MatLAB source, presented on the site, need some minor enhancments. Authors may contact me, if they want ;).
Attention: the program is really slow. I used ‘direct solver’, and it took almost 10 minutes to proceed the image.

ArkietÄ— – finished (almost)

Almost finshed current project of reconstruction. Read the rest of this entry »

Strange issues of Architectural Dekstop 3.3 by Autodesk

Strange things happen on the world.

Recently upgraded tho whole class of computers to WinXP profesional and made a clean install of ADT 3.3. Yea, quite old product, but it was donated by AGA ltd. some years ago and is quite usable for lectures.
So, it crashes after a user issues some comands, that require dialog boxes. Should say an unusual situation, as it worked fine for years on Win2000. Read the rest of this entry »