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Migration hell

After a regular hardware failure the entire site was migrated to a more stable location.

Well, there was a lot of customization done and the new APIs appeared in the last .. 12 (wait, no way!)  years.

As allways, be sure you have your backups. they are up to date and are easily accessible once you need them.

Meet the Sulley

Sulley, from inside and his broken vertebral column


Sulley’s sad. He can’t bounce any more. Nor to wiggle his tail.
The toy for $10 supposed to last more than a couple of days, i suppose.

Thank You Disney, for moving your engineering department closer to the manufacturer.

Unknown column ‘tplname’ in ‘order clause’

Found an error when deploying GLPI plugin “Generic Objects Management” v 1.1.3 from

I could add and modify object types, but was unable to add objects. Clicking “Add” button did nothing.


Switched GLPI to debug mode and found “SELECT * FROM `glpi_plugin_genericobject_…` WHERE is_template = ‘1’ AND FK_entities=’0′ ORDER BY tplname 0.001 Unknown column ‘tplname’ in ‘order clause’ ” near the bottom.
Of course, the was no ‘tplname’ field in the DB.

A quick search in the sourse revealed:
the apropriate database is created when object’s type is created;
the function “plugin_genericobject_addTable($name)” resides in “inc/plugin_genericobject.objecttype.function.php”

$diff -u plugin_genericobject.objecttype.function.php.orig plugin_genericobject.objecttype.function.php

— plugin_genericobject.objecttype.function.php.orig 2009-12-21 00:01:19.000000000 +0200
+++ plugin_genericobject.objecttype.function.php 2009-12-21 00:06:34.000000000 +0200
@@ -251,6 +251,7 @@
`is_template` INT ( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
`comments` TEXT NULL ,
`notes` TEXT NULL ,
+ `tplname` VARCHAR( 255 ) NULL ,
) ENGINE = MYISAM COMMENT = ‘$name table’;”;

‘tplname’ field should be altered in “plugin_genericobject_enableTemplateManagement” function, but for some reason it isn’t.
That’s all.

The site was down. Why?

Actually, it wasn’t down. Just the information was not displayed.

The reason is simple – after a prolonged migration to Atom MoBo, data crash in one of physical discs, loss of some MySQL databases, a new WordPress installation was missing the theme i’ve used. So, quick edit in ‘options’ table, replacing ‘option_name’ ‘template’ and ‘stylesheet’ with walue ‘default’ made the trick.
As you see, the blog is up and running again.

It happens

Meet the Junior 😉




History is just what happens to us.

I hope this blog will be a cosy place to find some totally useless crap.

Publication in Informatica

More than a year to get this article published. Yet it should be rewritte to make it shorter…