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Case story: move the location of Revit Server 2012 models

Here is the other issue: due to the fast install of Revit Server 2012, the location of model was not important. After the server’s role was changed to “Central” instead of ‘Caching”, i wanted model be stored in more predictable location.

Again, I had no wish to reinstall the whole server, including w2008r2 server.
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Case story: change role of Revit Server 2012 without reinstall

Our company was running a caching Revit Server 2012 instance, to be able to work on a project. The central server was set in the kingdom of far away and was serving three architectural offices.
Recently we had to take care of the model created and the Revit Server 2012 instance itself. I hate to touch working system, but i had to.
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Where is my free space, windows, where is my free space?

I had a strong wish to install Autodesk Revit 2013 just a days ago. Besides it needs 38 GB of free space, it did not fit on my clogged 100 GB system drive.
Too bad. Ok, my drive is oldish 160 GB Seagate, but still, windows7 seems like a disc hog.

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