little hand

The unit served as almost perfect GPS navigator for our summer trip though the Italy. One regular February evening i took my Asus PDA and…
Yep, a small problem. And a serious one.

But… there’s a country named China.
I like chinese. Really, dude. The price for 639’s LCD screen here in Lithuania is around 120€. You can grab one at for around $130 – it’s about 90€ in today’s exchange rates. If you look into, the same LCD goes for £40 – it’s 60€. Shipping – add 25€ more.

So, prepare 85€, wait several days and you can start the EXCHANGE.

contents of the package
what’s inside the package?
contents revealed
invoice, screen, tools, cleaning cloth, protective film
the patient on the operating desk
ah yes, i had to take the screen out
inside the asus
take out protective plugs and unscrew 5 screws with the tool provided. Separate the bottom shell.
the new screen is being fitted
CAUTION: do not push the LCD now!
you shold remove the keypad plate to fit the screen
remove the keypad plate
screen is in the place
put the top part of the screen, widen the plastic shell and the screen will just pop in
front side of the Asus 639’s motherboard
and yes, the front side of MoBo. Note the empty U7 place near the SD card. What it is for?
now, proceed with connectors: keybord at the top, speaker in the left and LCD scheen in the bottom
and now, the connectors: keypad on the top, speaker in the middle and the LCD on the bottom
the new LCD connector is hard to deal with
there’s almost no space left around and the LCD connector is hard to put in place.
the last is GPS unit connector
attach GPS antenna connector. Be carefull, it’s hardly repairable.
wake up, darling
Wake up, darling

LCD protecting film is being fitted
And the protective film. Well, i should have it fitted before i’ve started to assemble the PDA…