Any idea how to produce and read the JP2 file in MatLAB?
The easiest way should be writing middleware in Java to specific library. The things are complicated, as i need to get and modify data from every stage of encoding/decoding, like color space transformations, quantization, EBCOT (including bit-plane decomposition, bit-plane processing, encoding) and rate-encoders.

  • There is JasPer, written in C. Not all functions of Jpeg-2000 basic specification is implemented now;
  • Jj2000, written in Java; only basic functionality is provided;
  • Kakadu, written in C++ and has JNI bindings. Almost perfect inplementation of the Jpeg2000 image compression standart; data-on-demand, progressive transmision, even video encoding/decoding is supported.

As i tried to reproduce kdu_encoder in Java, no image is appearing in the output file, while original C++ file works well.

Need more timeto research.