Our company was running a caching Revit Server 2012 instance, to be able to work on a project. The central server was set in the kingdom of far away and was serving three architectural offices.
Recently we had to take care of the model created and the Revit Server 2012 instance itself. I hate to touch working system, but i had to.


The interesting part was the installation of Revit Server itself. It does not distinguish much between “central” and “caching” server modes. More, Revit Server is an application on top of IIS. So the idea to test was either caching server could be switched to central server mode without reinstall.

Well, it is possible. Server mode is determined by the value of “REVIT2012CENTRALSERVER” environment variable. If it’s set to remote server, Revit Server 2012 instance acts as caching server. If set to the name or IP of the same box…
Yep, that was easy.

Location of model folder is the other story.