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ESR meter

partly assembled ESR meter board

Sometimes i need to check the ESR values for second-hand or fresh electrolutis capacitors. Although ESR meters are available, it’s hard for me to spend a lot of bucks on one of it. So: the schematics is from, the case is from local supplier (a low-cost analog multimeter from China).
OpAmp, resistors and SMD capacitors are mounted. Black stripes at the bottom are milimeter marks on the metal ruler.


Fun with a new Debian instalation

After Ubuntu was randomly refusing to load on my laptop, I returned to Debian.
Netinst disc, an hour on 2MBps link and we are here – mixed Debian testing/unstable with KDE, Cinelerra, Kino, gEDA an a lot of ‘standart’ stuff.
The problems were:

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