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Let’s go get lost

Full trip (amost)Actually, up to Munich i had no GPS signal when the Asus was charging in the car cradle – a stupid problem.
When surfing web in Munich I’ve found a patch to solve the problem in WM5 from the same Asus. After this everything went fine and you can see the whole journey here.
Asus had solved this problem in later firmware releases for WM5 as well as for WM6. So, let’s start exploring Italy: Full trip (amost)
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Creating eye-candy from dead i-GO tracks

sample track

As, I’ve mentioned earlier, we had a pleasant trip through Italy the last summer. I have recorded the whole trip to my GPS unit using i-GO navigation program. Seems like 10 second recording intervals are fine and the track is quite precise and smooth.
Unfortunately, during upgrade from WM5 to WM6 I had to reinstall i-Go and all tracks just dissapeared from track list in i-GO. Stupid me, i HAD to save ‘igo.db’ file somewhere.
I found no way to put them back, so let the fun begin.
A short glimpse into one of the files and..


Hey, do You think the same way? Yes, it’s NMEA data in plain text.
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Screen change for Asus MyPal 639

little hand

The unit served as almost perfect GPS navigator for our summer trip though the Italy. One regular February evening i took my Asus PDA and…
Yep, a small problem. And a serious one.

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