It’s a summarising memo from the last Saturday.
What supposed to be slowish disk, actually was dead drive on array.
Thanks for the supplier, the entire collection of SAS drives was just waiting to be installed.

It’s possible to configure RAID adapter from the BIOS stage, but it’s more interesting to configure it on the live system. What you need is configuration tools for the adapter card. And they are called “hpacucli”. Ok, ‘CLI” stands for “Command Line Interface”, “hp” is too obvious. “A” could be for “array”. What “cu” stands for?

Debian repository is at

Get it, install and read on.

Run “hpacucli”, it should be located in /usr/sbin.

To get information on installed RAID cards, use

ctrl all show

The utility can warn you on the recommended firmware upgrade and will print the controller(s) information:
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