Image courtesy Not the real one, of course. It’s Logitech Formula Force Ex – handy to play, but exposed some signs of aging. The LED on the wheel was not lit and force feedback was not functioning.
Image courtesy The first idea was the power supply was dead or near-dead. It showed circa 3V instead of 14V once connected. As it was fine once disconnected, so the only solution was to go deep inside the base of the racing wheel’s unit.
Image courtesy After some desoldering and resoldering of SMT parts, the possible cause was identified – the A3953, full bridge PWM motor driver from Allegro.
After the IC was desoldered, the power supply exposed the full voltage once connected.
So, the A3953SLBT or the circuits driven by this IC was the real cause.
Quick shopping at e-Bay and the IC arrived in the stunning 10 days.
Solder wick, some flux, washing, connect the power and … YESSS. The LED blinked and the wheel moved to the center position.
Case closed.



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