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The Dolomites

Here is the (unfinished) map of passes in Dolomites, created in Google Maps.
You can also search for photos of the passes.

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RugsÄ—jo Palanga

Š? savaitgal? buvom Vasaros Sostin?je.


SintetinÄ— palanga (tik nereikia įsižeisti) pasitiko sintetine Basanavičiaus gatve, sintetine buvusia “KaÅ¡tono” užbÄ—ga ir Å achmatine. Read the rest of this entry »



Some images for the first impression.
Worked in University of Rostock, Institute of Computer Graphics with prof. Heidrun Schumann and René Rosenbaum for one month. The project is about inserting additional information into digital images. As a result of the work, we had a lectures for post-graduate students (one on image watermarking, the other on information embedding).