Here is the other issue: due to the fast install of Revit Server 2012, the location of model was not important. After the server’s role was changed to “Central” instead of ‘Caching”, i wanted model be stored in more predictable location.

Again, I had no wish to reinstall the whole server, including w2008r2 server.


The idea was simple: as Revit Server is actually a Web application, it should not store its settings in Windows registry, therefore the directory change should be quite simple.

The instance or Revit Server 2012 has the following folder structure:

  • Services
    • AutoSyncService
      • Config
    • DataService
      • Config
    • LocalService
      • Config
    • PermissionsCentralService
      • Config
    • RevitServerAdminService
      • Config
  • Sites
    • RevitServerAdmin
  • Tools
    • RevitServerCommand
      • Config
    • RevitServerToolCommand

Each “Config” folder contains at least single file, named “DataStorageService.config”, and the contents of the file was:
<DataStorageServiceConfiguration DefaultStoragePath="C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit Server\Projects"/>

So, replacing the path with a new one whould work? Let’s try: <DataStorageServiceConfiguration DefaultStoragePath="C:\Revit Server 2012\Projects"/>

Nope. The synchronization fails on client side. Not so easy.

There are files, named “Files.config”, in “Services\DataService\Config\” and “Services\LocalService\Config\”, establishing <DiskStorage StoragePath="C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit Server\TempRepository"/> and the file “DataStorageService.config” on “Services\LocalService\Config\” should point to cache folder, like <DataStorageServiceConfiguration MinChunkSizeInKB="4096" MaxThreadsForChunking="10" DefaultStoragePath="C:\Revit Server 2012\Cache\"/>.

Should check on the client. Works fine, both Revit and Web interface. Things to take care of:

  1. Syncronication must be complete. To verify this, log in to servers Web interface and watch fil versions incrementing
  2. You should make at least 3-4 successful syncs on the client to make sure everything works as expected.
  3. You should be able to lock, rename, copy and cut Revit models from the Web interface

Did I mentioned folders “C:\Revit Server 2012\{Cache Projects TempRepository}\” must exist in advance?

And yes, make backups. Right now.