I’ve been working for maybe the third day when i’ve heard it on some Internet radio station. The song was performed by Mary Hopkin. It’s tracing back to 1920-ies, was banned up to 1950-ies. Anyway Wikipedia knows more about it.

Dude, i’m feeling to old for rock-n-roll 😉

“Дорогой длинною”, Сергей Зыков (Youtube post by tombene77):

“Those were the days”, Mary Hopkin (Youtube post by Ibicus):

“Quelli Erano Giorni”, Gigliola Cinquetti (Youtube post by tengokuemaki):

“Le temps des fleurs”, Dalida (Youtube post by VenitienDeLevallois):

“An jenem Tag”, Dunja Rajter (Youtube post by fritz51223):

“Kelelis tolimas”, Virgis Stakėnas (Youtube post by starkaes):